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Thank you for visiting the website of St. Louis Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Tellor owner of Tellor Chiropractic - a high level chiropractic clinic in St. Louis, Missouri. In practice as well as online, Dr. Tellor strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

At Tellor Chiropractic we provide professional health and wellness care for individuals and families in St. Louis. Dr Tellor was educated at the University of Missouri and Logan University, and he continues to receive specialist training in orthopedic studies, physical diagnosis, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Dr. Tellor has a reputation among his patients for delivering results. He is experienced with professional and amateur athletes along with treating families and patients of all ages. He has won top 19 Chiropractors in St. Louis, MO. 4 years in a row. He is experienced, not only in spinal health, but also in soft tissue injury and recovery as well. At Tellor Chiropractic we get to the source of the problem without just treating symptoms and we get you back on the road to a healthy life fast.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Matthew Tellor, D.C.